“So how do you feel about me kissing you good night?” he asked.

She flashed an inviting smile before replying, “I guess I wouldn’t be opposed to it.”

He stepped in, his nose touching hers, before kissing her straight on. She tilted her head to her right. He tilted his to his left. She tilted hers farther in an effort to justify the situation. He tilted his farther.

She pulled back, but he moved in for another kiss. Realizing he wasn’t picking up on her subtle clues, she decided to go with the flow and tilt her head to the left. It was weird.

She again attempted to, er, right the situation by tilting her head to the right. This time, he placed a hand on either side of her head and purposefully tilted her head to the left.

Although there is definitely something to be said for a man who takes control of a situation and offers guidance and instruction, it’s different when it’s guidance to something that isn’t clicking.

Never, in all my extensive kissing career, have I encountered a left tilter. I’ve kissed men in other countries, so I knew this wasn’t some kind of international tilt.

Wondering if I’d been missing out on the new Fifty Shades of Tilting, I took it upon myself to extensively poll my girlfriends. Not a single gal had heard of such a thing — although I still have one friend out doing some extra legwork to research the topic.

I decided to take it to the next level and text the guy.

“Are you left handed?” I asked.

“No. Why?” came his simple response.

I had to know if he’d successfully trained every woman he’d been with to tilt to the left, and now these exes were prancing around confusing other men with their left tilt, so I asked.

“Ha!” came his light-hearted reply. “I think I’d usually tilt to the right; but, due to my over-talking, I haphazardly tilted left.”

I thought a moment. So it was an accident? How could that be? After I’d tried so hard to, er, right the situation, he’d purposefully placed his hands on my head and moved it to the wrong side. He’d then proceeded to hold it in place like I was starring in my own version of Fifty Shades of Left Tilting. All I needed was a quick spank and a trip to The Red Room to take it home.

When I didn’t readily respond, he followed up with, “I’ve been told fifty times I’m a good kisser and can kiss better, but sometimes it takes a couple tries.”

Since we’re not in our twenties, I hesitate to believe any of us need a couple tries to get it right anymore. However, I’m no quitter. My parents were teachers, so I’m probably pretty good at teaching the correct technique. I guess I’ll give him another chance. If nothing else, teaching him to tilt right is my little chance to make the world, at least his world, a little bit better place.

Happy dating!

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Despite the readily-apparent benefits, I’m probably the only chick who has issues with dating a doctor.

One of the first perks that comes to mind is he’s likely to be financially stable. The second is that you can save a bundle on office visits. If you have a thing for men in white coats, that would be the third. The last perk would be, if things work out, you can make reservations as “Dr. and Mrs.” That part might be kind of fun.

However, I have other issues that override all those pluses. First, this is a person who already knows what you look like nekkid (Yes, I spelled it like that on purpose). It’s his job, and he’s trained for years to intimately know your every nook and cranny. Every time I see a doctor, I feel like he’s looking at me with x-ray glasses on. Maybe I should look into clothing infused with steel or a radiation guard to deter that. And doesn’t knowing what I already look like nekkid make sex rather anticlimactic for him? Does he think, “Oh, another boob. I saw a better one two hours ago in the office”?

Secondly, every time I talk about something, is he secretly thinking which disorders I best fit into? In his mind is he thinking, “Oh, that was rather neurotic” or “She may have paranoid schizophrenia,” or is he just thinking, “There’s a pill for that”?

Thirdly, it’s really hard to keep from asking for free medical opinions. Why do you think my knee hurts? What’s this weird rash on my arm? Do you think I’m neurotic? Huh? Huh? Huh? Do you?

So what do I talk about if I can’t ask for medical opinions? Should I peruse his curriculum vitae? Should I ask what his favorite kind of surgery is? Does he know George Clooney because all doctors know each other? Oh, wait, George isn’t really – or is he?

One of my friends pointed out that having a doctor already know my every nook and cranny might be a factor that could work to my benefit. If he already knows that, he probably knows how to do a few tricks the average joe doesn’t. Maybe palpation could lead to palpitations. Regardless, I’d still want to wear a radiation protection drape on our dates. I wouldn’t want him to think I was easy.

Happy Dating!

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“Women just love him because he’s loaded,” a guy friend mumbled bitterly.

“Have you read the books?” I asked.

“No. I hear they’re badly written.”

Doesn’t he realize that a story is a story, no matter how badly written? It’s about the story, baby.

The fact that Christian Grey can buy lunch for Anastasia Steel and would never think of accepting her attempt to pay for it is only part of what makes him appealing. Another part may be his ability to do a lot of pull-ups with no shirt on. And then there’s that weird balancing thing he does in his workout room, but that’s a whole ‘nother story.

So what is it about the damaged, intense, and neurotic Christian Grey that women really like? Did I mention “intense”? He’s all about Anastasia. He and his staff know where she is every second of the day. Normally that would place him into the “Psychos to Avoid” category, but it comes in super handy when he’s rescuing her all the time. And I mean ALL the time. This places him right up there with “Firefighter” in my list of super-hot jobs because, really, don’t we all want to be rescued? I’ve got a glass of wine in me, so that’s the only reason I’m admitting to that.

So what else do we love about him? He’s not boring in the bedroom. He gets ten out of ten stars for originality and creativity in that department. And, oh, the props in his closet….mmm, mmm, mmm. As a side note, guys who can do lots and lots of pull-ups look really good in jeans and just jeans. He is the ultimate prop.

The last thing I love – I mean we love about Christian Grey is that he is completely in love with Anastasia. There’s no glancing at another beautiful woman that walks by. He’s all about her. Once he figures this out, he totally locks it down with a marriage proposal that equals his creativity in the bedroom.

I’ve read Book 3 in the series, so I know what’s coming in the Movie Department. My favorite thing about this series is how their relationship grows and changes. He’s totally into her and learns to change his old spanky habits to become, well, nice spanky habits that she appreciates.

So, no, Mr. I Haven’t Read The Books, we don’t just like him because he’s loaded. If that were the case, we’d all be hot to trot for certain real estate tycoons that get involved in politics. There’s more to it. He’s classy, respectful, adoring, aggressive, creative, protective, and a provider. Isn’t that what we all hope for, or is the wine kicking in?

Happy dating!

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“I tried to tell him how the things he did made me feel,” my friend argued, “and he threw a mantrum!”

“A mantrum?” I asked, taking a moment for the new, self-explanatory word to sink in before laughing.

“Yes!  It was like an adult child was in the room.”

I couldn’t stop laughing.

“He’s pouting now,” she continued.

Regaining my composure, I asked, “So did he eventually calm down enough to talk it out?”

She let out an exasperated sigh. “Yes, but then he just started mansplaining, and I’m even more confused than I was before the whole discussion started. It just went on and on nonsensically. He even peppered it with a few sports analogies.”

Laughing again, I asked, “How many of these ‘man’ words do you have? Because they’re kind of brilliant.”

She rolled her eyes. “I think that’s it, but I may come up with more if this topic comes up again.”

Ladies, how many times have we had a guy say something that left us feeling taken aback? Seeing our response was not going to be favorable, he would immediately start mansplaining in an effort to go back and cover his tracks.

Frankly, whenever a guy has tried to mansplain something to me, I’m left with no idea how what he said applies to the situation at hand. What happened to that old saying that men are simple creatures who say exactly what they feel? Maybe they do in the sports and news departments but, when it comes to discussing a relationship or feelings, it’s not so simple.

The guy who throws a mantrum may have not-so-hidden anger issues. I’m not the kind of person who responds to yelling, jumping up and down, and pouting. Believe it or not, I don’t find that sexy. On the other hand, a guy who can empty the mousetrap for me, I find that pretty sexy. Now, what would I call him? A man-saver? A man-i-nator? A man-god? A man-cat? I guess I’m not as creative as my friend, so I’d better just stick with “hero” and make him a Manwich.

Happy dating!

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I’m excited to announce that, starting today, January 2, 2017, you can enter to win a free, signed copy of The Tunnels on Goodreads!  I’m attaching the link below.  Good luck!






As I browse through men’s profile pictures on dating sites, I notice many men don’t post pictures that include them. Instead of photos of themselves, I see photos of their motorcycle, photos of what they think is a fancy car, photos of their boat, and some have photos of their dog. Many post shirtless bathroom selfies. Grodie.

When I shop for a man online, am I really interested in seeing a guy’s abs of steel and bulging veins? Gross. I hate bulging veins. Do they feel these photos will make them more desirable to women? Aren’t all of the above, except the grodie shirtless bathroom selfie, something they should be showing to their male friends to impress them?

Are women really impressed by flashy cars, Harleys, abs of steel, and their dog? Okay, admittedly, the dog photos catch my eye. They don’t catch my eye and make me think “I want that guy for his great dog;” really, I think, “I need to rescue that poor dog.”

If a guy has abs of steel, that’s great; but it just isn’t appropriate or classy to be flashing your abs to people you don’t know. Save something for the third date. I understand that men are visual, and they might like to see a woman posting photos of her abs; but, really, aren’t most of us looking for more than the perfect body? Yes, there has to be some physical attraction and spark but, hey, my eyes are up here! I don’t need to see “the goods” until I get to know you, and I’m certainly not showing you mine.

Then we get to the photos of cars, motorcycles, and boats. Are these people just so insecure that they know no women will want to be with them unless there’s a good car, motorcycle, or boat in it for them? Maybe they think some women will like the bad-boy bikers. I’m sure some do. If that’s the case, the guy should be on or next to the bike, not just showing us a photo of some random bike he took. How do we even know it’s his?

Personally, as long as their car isn’t rusty and doesn’t look like it came off the set of Uncle Buck, I don’t care what kind of car they drive. Okay, I’ll admit a guy with a Mercedes turns my head; but, if I don’t care for the guy, the Mercedes isn’t going to be what makes me stick around. If guys’ heads are turned so easily by cars, maybe I should post a pic of my VW Tiguan on my profile. I’m sure they would be lining up around the block for a test drive.

After looking at a lot of profiles, since men are so visual, I decided to post one of the most attractive pictures I own to my profile. It’s a picture of a fresh batch of my salted caramel kookies. I’ll share it with you in case it makes you, I don’t know, feel like dating me.

Happy New Year, and happy dating!

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I am super excited to announce that The Tunnels is now available in audiobook.  Now you can download it and listen while you drive, exercise, or shovel snow!  Narration by Jack de Golia.