The kind of car we drive often tells others something about our personality. As an example, how often do we see someone in an off-road vehicle and think, “Ooh, they’re outdoorsy and sporty”? If they drive a pickup, we might think, “Ooh, he could haul my new couch for me,” or “he likes to haul wood,” or “he drinks moonshine.” There’s the person who drives a basic sedan, and you think, “Ooh, they blend right in with everyone else.” The minivan will make you wonder where his wife is. The extra-small cars that resemble Tonka trucks lead me to think there will be no making out in the back seat, so it’s a safe-sex car. A foreign import sends the message they’re successful and classy. A small station wagon says, “I like to camp and eat granola.” An SUV says, “I’m a little sporty, I can be fun, and I like having the option to haul things if the need arises.” Driving a small hybrid says, “I’m a tree-hugger” or “I like to pretend I’m in a spaceship.” If I see a very long sedan in front of someone’s house, I wonder if their grandparents are visiting.

So what do we think when we see someone in a sports car? Do we wonder if they’re going through a midlife crisis? Do we think they’re insecure and trying to get others to notice them? Or do we think of the well-known stereotype that they’re making up for, er, other shortcomings? I’m pretty sure we won’t think, “Ooh, they like to drive fast,” because you can put the petal to the metal and outrun the cops in a station wagon. Or so I hear.

Frankly, I’m surprised guys are still buying these cars. If nothing else, sports cars give the impression their owners are not practical because there is no way an ultra-low sports car is getting through a Michigan snow storm. There’s no room for your friends in back. Even your dog would be uncomfortable, and we all want our dogs to be comfortable.

In short (maybe a pun was intended), after considering all the stereotypes, which would be the best match for me and my preferences?  I’d prefer a guy to drive an SUV.  It’s not too flashy, it tells me you’re fun and a little sporty, yet you like to sleep indoors. All-wheel drive vehicles always get out of Michigan snowbanks. Your dogs could hold a gymnastics meet in the back. SUVs are not by any means a safe-sex vehicle since the seats often go down in back. In a jam, you might be able to haul your couch in an SUV…or conceive a child. Super handy on many levels.

Happy car shopping and dating!

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