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Despite the readily-apparent benefits, I’m probably the only chick who has issues with dating a doctor.

One of the first perks that comes to mind is he’s likely to be financially stable. The second is that you can save a bundle on office visits. If you have a thing for men in white coats, that would be the third. The last perk would be, if things work out, you can make reservations as “Dr. and Mrs.” That part might be kind of fun.

However, I have other issues that override all those pluses. First, this is a person who already knows what you look like nekkid (Yes, I spelled it like that on purpose). It’s his job, and he’s trained for years to intimately know your every nook and cranny. Every time I see a doctor, I feel like he’s looking at me with x-ray glasses on. Maybe I should look into clothing infused with steel or a radiation guard to deter that. And doesn’t knowing what I already look like nekkid make sex rather anticlimactic for him? Does he think, “Oh, another boob. I saw a better one two hours ago in the office”?

Secondly, every time I talk about something, is he secretly thinking which disorders I best fit into? In his mind is he thinking, “Oh, that was rather neurotic” or “She may have paranoid schizophrenia,” or is he just thinking, “There’s a pill for that”?

Thirdly, it’s really hard to keep from asking for free medical opinions. Why do you think my knee hurts? What’s this weird rash on my arm? Do you think I’m neurotic? Huh? Huh? Huh? Do you?

So what do I talk about if I can’t ask for medical opinions? Should I peruse his curriculum vitae? Should I ask what his favorite kind of surgery is? Does he know George Clooney because all doctors know each other? Oh, wait, George isn’t really – or is he?

One of my friends pointed out that having a doctor already know my every nook and cranny might be a factor that could work to my benefit. If he already knows that, he probably knows how to do a few tricks the average joe doesn’t. Maybe palpation could lead to palpitations. Regardless, I’d still want to wear a radiation protection drape on our dates. I wouldn’t want him to think I was easy.

Happy Dating!

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