“Women just love him because he’s loaded,” a guy friend mumbled bitterly.

“Have you read the books?” I asked.

“No. I hear they’re badly written.”

Doesn’t he realize that a story is a story, no matter how badly written? It’s about the story, baby.

The fact that Christian Grey can buy lunch for Anastasia Steel and would never think of accepting her attempt to pay for it is only part of what makes him appealing. Another part may be his ability to do a lot of pull-ups with no shirt on. And then there’s that weird balancing thing he does in his workout room, but that’s a whole ‘nother story.

So what is it about the damaged, intense, and neurotic Christian Grey that women really like? Did I mention “intense”? He’s all about Anastasia. He and his staff know where she is every second of the day. Normally that would place him into the “Psychos to Avoid” category, but it comes in super handy when he’s rescuing her all the time. And I mean ALL the time. This places him right up there with “Firefighter” in my list of super-hot jobs because, really, don’t we all want to be rescued? I’ve got a glass of wine in me, so that’s the only reason I’m admitting to that.

So what else do we love about him? He’s not boring in the bedroom. He gets ten out of ten stars for originality and creativity in that department. And, oh, the props in his closet….mmm, mmm, mmm. As a side note, guys who can do lots and lots of pull-ups look really good in jeans and just jeans. He is the ultimate prop.

The last thing I love – I mean we love about Christian Grey is that he is completely in love with Anastasia. There’s no glancing at another beautiful woman that walks by. He’s all about her. Once he figures this out, he totally locks it down with a marriage proposal that equals his creativity in the bedroom.

I’ve read Book 3 in the series, so I know what’s coming in the Movie Department. My favorite thing about this series is how their relationship grows and changes. He’s totally into her and learns to change his old spanky habits to become, well, nice spanky habits that she appreciates.

So, no, Mr. I Haven’t Read The Books, we don’t just like him because he’s loaded. If that were the case, we’d all be hot to trot for certain real estate tycoons that get involved in politics. There’s more to it. He’s classy, respectful, adoring, aggressive, creative, protective, and a provider. Isn’t that what we all hope for, or is the wine kicking in?

Happy dating!

The Tunnels and Devil’s Elbow are now both available in audiobook format.  Watch for Book 3 in the series this spring!