As I browse through men’s profile pictures on dating sites, I notice many men don’t post pictures that include them. Instead of photos of themselves, I see photos of their motorcycle, photos of what they think is a fancy car, photos of their boat, and some have photos of their dog. Many post shirtless bathroom selfies. Grodie.

When I shop for a man online, am I really interested in seeing a guy’s abs of steel and bulging veins? Gross. I hate bulging veins. Do they feel these photos will make them more desirable to women? Aren’t all of the above, except the grodie shirtless bathroom selfie, something they should be showing to their male friends to impress them?

Are women really impressed by flashy cars, Harleys, abs of steel, and their dog? Okay, admittedly, the dog photos catch my eye. They don’t catch my eye and make me think “I want that guy for his great dog;” really, I think, “I need to rescue that poor dog.”

If a guy has abs of steel, that’s great; but it just isn’t appropriate or classy to be flashing your abs to people you don’t know. Save something for the third date. I understand that men are visual, and they might like to see a woman posting photos of her abs; but, really, aren’t most of us looking for more than the perfect body? Yes, there has to be some physical attraction and spark but, hey, my eyes are up here! I don’t need to see “the goods” until I get to know you, and I’m certainly not showing you mine.

Then we get to the photos of cars, motorcycles, and boats. Are these people just so insecure that they know no women will want to be with them unless there’s a good car, motorcycle, or boat in it for them? Maybe they think some women will like the bad-boy bikers. I’m sure some do. If that’s the case, the guy should be on or next to the bike, not just showing us a photo of some random bike he took. How do we even know it’s his?

Personally, as long as their car isn’t rusty and doesn’t look like it came off the set of Uncle Buck, I don’t care what kind of car they drive. Okay, I’ll admit a guy with a Mercedes turns my head; but, if I don’t care for the guy, the Mercedes isn’t going to be what makes me stick around. If guys’ heads are turned so easily by cars, maybe I should post a pic of my VW Tiguan on my profile. I’m sure they would be lining up around the block for a test drive.

After looking at a lot of profiles, since men are so visual, I decided to post one of the most attractive pictures I own to my profile. It’s a picture of a fresh batch of my salted caramel kookies. I’ll share it with you in case it makes you, I don’t know, feel like dating me.

Happy New Year, and happy dating!

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