I once went to lunch with a very flashy guy that I met online.  He drove an hour and a half to meet me, arrived in a very clean, high-end car, and was very well put together.  He didn’t have a hair out of place.  During the conversation, he told me about his yacht and invited me to join him in Florida.

Towards the end of the lunch date, he asked me, “You’re an attractive, independent woman who seems to be able to take care of herself. Why do you need a man?”

This was an unfamiliar question as far as first dates went.  Momentarily flustered and never one to think quickly on my feet, all I could come up with was, “It would be nice to have someone help around the house and mow the lawn.”  He didn’t strike me as the “mowing” kind of guy.

After I got home and had time to think about it, I realized that no one had asked me that before.  Isn’t the answer obvious?  Thinking about the flashy man further, I realized that his high-end car, yacht, and trip to Florida (woo) were what he had to offer in a relationship.  He was looking for a woman that needed that or would at least be impressed enough to stay with him for that.  A woman who could achieve those things on her own would be looking for something more in a relationship.

So why do we need and seek out a partner in life?  Sure, having someone mow the lawn and fix things for me is a huge plus, but we all know there’s more.  Someone to keep you warm when it’s cold, someone to grab dinner with at the last minute, and someone to see the world with are a few reasons. Someone to look at the Eifel Tower with and then whisper, “Wow” to.  Someone to create memories with and to hold my hand when I grow old, God willing.  Of course someone who you enjoy doing the horizontal mambo with goes without saying.  Last, but not least, someone to zip up the zipper on my dress when I can’t reach it.  That’s actually a biggie as I sit here typing in a dress that I’m wondering how I’m going to unzip without tearing a rotator cuff.

So, Mr. Flashy, now that I’ve had time to think about it, those are some of the reasons why I need a man.  As I remember his over-tanned skin and bleached-white teeth, I realize that, although he could offer me a trip to Florida (woo), he probably couldn’t offer me any of the things that I want.  At the moment, having someone unzip the dress I may be sleeping in seems more important than going to Florida.

Happy dating!

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