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As we go through life, we each have an idea of what our perfect match will or does look like.  Be it short, tall, skinny, fat, white collar or blue, domestic or foreign, we all have an image in our mind of what we’re looking for.  Maybe this is like having a vision board where we envision the end goal, and it manifests.  Perhaps what turns out to be right for us is nothing like what we expected.

In the town I grew up in, my parents had a friend that lived nearby.  He was quite a character, and my dad used to tease that he was waiting for the perfect woman.  I’m not sure what his idea of “perfect” was, but he lived alone there my whole life and recently passed away single.  Did this happen because he clung too tightly to the vision in his mind of the perfect woman, or is it because he refused to settle for anything less than perfect?  Did he miss his opportunity to have true love, or did he maybe find it in his youth and things didn’t work out?  Maybe he found it but there was a tragic accident, he lost her, and he continued to walk through life alone, not willing to settle for another.  Lastly, there is the scariest thought of all:  Maybe some of us have no match.

The more I think about it, the more elderly people I can think of that have died alone and never married.  When they died, they took with them their story and whether they ever found their match.  Was their love found and lost, or was it never found at all?

Talking to my girlfriends, many of us have lists of requirements that a man must meet.  Some of these requirements have changed since the age of the internet from “must have good breath” to “must be able to spell.”  Twenty-five years ago, we wouldn’t know whether someone could spell until one went on a trip without the other and sent back a postcard.  Our requirements and vision for the person we want to share our future with have evolved.

With these added requirements, I wonder if we’re making it even harder than it already was to find our perfect mate.  I mean not only do you already have tall or short, fat or skinny, but now you add to it spelling and grammar.  Believe me, this really narrows things down.

As the season of gifts, wishes, and hope falls upon us, I wish for you to all receive the perfect person for you.  If that’s not meant to be, then I wish for you all to find someone that is an exception to your rules.  As for me, I just want someone to watch the stars with.

Merry Christmas, and happy dating!