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Anyone who knows me knows that I love to travel.

I’ve been seeing a guy with more commitment issues than yours truly for — let’s just say quite a few years.  After the first three months of dating, I suggested we go somewhere together.  He said, “I don’t think I’m ready for a trip with you yet.”  Okaaaay.  I wasn’t asking him to pay my way, and he could certainly afford it, so I felt as confused as the time a Beagle told a SWAT team to jump on me in Customs.

After a bad break-up with another guy a couple of years ago, I ran into Mr. Not-Ready and said I really wanted to get away for a while.  He said, “I wouldn’t mind going on a trip with you.”  Cool!  Just like snacks are no longer free on domestic flights, I offered to pay my own way.  He said he felt like he should pay it all.  Cooler!  Well, he never followed through on the trip and dropped the subject like airlines will drop someone who doesn’t arrive 30 minutes before their flight.

In February of this year, he hinted about going to Europe this summer.  Summer came and went, and no Europe.  When I mentioned that I’d really been hoping for the Europe trip, he didn’t comment.  Not a word.  He acted like he was enjoying the extra leg room of the emergency exit row but didn’t want to open the door when the plane crashed.  Don’t sit in the exit row if you’re “not ready” to open the door!

In April he mentioned that maybe he would take me on a Caribbean work trip with him in September.  In August he told me he’d be gone for the Caribbean trip, and no invitation was extended to moi.  I felt like a tourist without a passport.

Last week at dinner he asked me if I wanted to go on a trip in November.  Without hesitating, I said, “Yeah!”  By the time he dropped me off, he said he had to think about it and wasn’t sure if trips could be a part of our relationship.  But — but — but why did he suggest the trip?  If you’re going to give me a boarding pass, let me get on the bleepin’ plane!

Excuse my language, but what the bleep is going on?  It’s just a trip, not a marriage proposal.  I know it’s not a financial problem for him.  I know I don’t snore, so that’s not it.  He’s known me longer than the other people he travels with, so he knows I won’t kill him in his sleep — although I’m starting to see how that can happen.  I like to do lots of adventurous things and think I’m pretty fun to travel with, so what the bleep is the problem?  Why does he keep bringing it up and taking it back?  Everyone knows airline tickets are nonrefundable!

International flights are the best because you get to check a bag for free, and you get free snacks, meals, and movies.  It’s like being in the early ’90s again.  To put it nicely, my relationship with Mr. Not-Ready has been nothing but a domestic flight with a lot of layovers.  The dream of going on a trip with Mr. Not-Ready has become as unlikely as being comfortable in a center seat on Spirit Airlines.  However, everything has a purpose and, just like Spirit Airlines, maybe his purpose is just to get me to the next place I’m going.

Happy dating…and traveling!