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One of my friends recently told me how he was running a race when a beautiful woman ran past him.  No sooner did she pass him than she slipped and fell backwards.  He caught her in his arms, their eyes met and held, and they had a moment of magic where, just for a moment, time stopped for them, and they were lost in each other.  My friend then pushed her up, onto her feet, she said, “Thanks!” and she ran off ahead of him.

“But did you run with her the rest of the race?” I asked, wanting there to be more to the story.

“No,” he said.  “She was faster than me.”

“Well, did you look for  her at the end?” I continued.

“Yeah, but I couldn’t find her,” he responded in a tone that led me to think he didn’t really try that hard.

I wanted there to be more to this story.  I wanted it to end in happily ever after.  It seemed like the ultimate “meet-cute,” as they say in the movies, set up by Fate.

I couldn’t help but wonder if there were two little, fat cherubs flying around that had been trying to get these two together for years, but they just kept missing each other by moments.  Finally, each fat, little cherub positioned itself in front of one shoulder of the gal and gave her a firm push into the man’s arms.  Imagine their frustration when the man just pushed her onto her feet and sent her on her way without another thought.  The cherubs were probably ready to explode!  What more could they possibly do to get these two together?

After hearing my friend’s story, I couldn’t hep but wonder how many of these “missed connections” we’ve all had.  Have we become so cynical and oblivious that we don’t see the signs the cherubs or Fates have tried so hard to line up for us?  Will we never end up with our true soul mate and instead just settle for someone who is just okay and happens to be in the right place at the right time?  Maybe there are a lot of people that we can love but only one person that we’re supposed to be in love with.  Maybe it’s the person that we’re “pushed” into.

As we enter one of the last weekends of summer, I’d urge you all to look back at how many connections you’ve missed.  Did you just push the other person back onto their feet and send them on their way, or did you pick up your pace, run as fast as you could, and risk everything to catch up to and run next to your soul mate?  Don’t let them get away.  You never know, the fat cherubs may give up on you or get reassigned to someone more open to pushes.

Happy dating, and may you all run after and catch your soul mate.  Remember, it’s not every day that you get a cherub push!


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Check out Nine Days In Greece, now available in hard copy!