When I was six years old, I felt the need to secure my future.  So I did what any logical six-year-old would do, and I asked a boy in my class if he wanted to marry me when we grew up.  I mean, after all, we’d gone to each other’s birthday parties since we were four, so we had a pretty good foundation to build on.  Plus, he had a Magic 8 Ball so, if I could live with a man with a Magic 8 Ball, I’d have it all.

He pondered my proposal deeply and finally told me he’d have to ask his mom.  Needless to say, I did not marry the boy with the Magic 8 Ball, and some other lucky woman is prancing around with his Magic 8 Ball in her hands.

We all look to secure our futures in different ways, be it 401(k)s, owning our own home, owning our own business, or marrying someone in the hope that they will love us forever.  Unfortunately, none of these have any guarantees.  The stock market could bottom out, the housing bubble could burst again, you could lose all your clients, or someone could break their promise to you.  The steps we had taken may offer us a better chance at security, but there are no guarantees.

Although people have a need to control certain parts of their future like their income or whether they have a roof over their head or whether or not they’re alone, maybe part of the fun in life is just taking it as it comes.  Maybe taking it as it comes will lead us to something even better, like a man with two Magic 8 Balls.  One for each of us.  Can you imagine such a luxury?

I’ve been married before, and it was never my idea to do it.  It was something that I felt kind of cornered into doing.  Maybe the people cornering me were attempting to secure their future but, at the time, I felt no desire to do so.  Maybe for them it was just the next logical step, and they would have married anyone that they’d put that much time into dating.

Wedding dress

Sadly, the only person I ever did want to marry did not want to marry me.  Believe me, I’m as shocked as you are.  And, no, it was not the boy with the Magic 8 Ball.  Fortunately, I was able to move on from that disappointment.  The one time I did want to get married, it wasn’t about securing my future at all, it was just that I thought I’d finally found the perfect fit for me.  Someone that spoke like me, laughed with me, and had the same hobbies and likes.  I thought he was perfect.  Getting married was nothing more than a confirmation of that list and what you believe that you have rather than securing your future.

I’m one of those people that only learns the hard way – from their mistakes.  I wish it was easier.  The good news is that now I have my own Magic 8 Ball, so now I can find out the future for myself.  Heck, maybe someone will want to marry me for my Magic 8 Ball.  Maybe I’ll start taking it on dates with me.  I can hear the waitress now.  “Would you like fries with that sandwich?”  I would reply, “Just a minute,” as I fish my Magic 8 Ball out of my purse.

Happy dating, and may your Magic 8 Balls all lead you towards true love!

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