Some women may claim that they don’t care what a man’s career choice is, and some may consider it a deal-breaker.  Whether they admit it or not, there are some jobs that definitely make men more desirable.  After careful consultation with some of my single girlfriends, here are our top seven super-hot jobs for a man to have.

The number one super-hot job is to be royalty.  Okay, it’s not really a job you go to college for but rather a job that you are born into or marry into.  This makes the group of royalty a very elite group.  Add to that the fact that we have no royalty at all here in the States, and they become super elite.  Personally, I’ve always found the chance to be the next Cinderella to be a huge turn-on.

The number two super-hot job is firefighter/EMT.  I’m not saying that every girl wants to be rescued but, when trapped in a burning building, it’s a nice option to have.  Firefighters are in great shape, they are trained to rescue and resuscitate me, and, frankly, I’ve never seen a firefighter I haven’t liked.  It’s kind of like saying you haven’t seen a supermodel you haven’t liked.  They’re all h-o-t, HOT.

The number three super-hot job is police officer.  They would be tied with firefighters and EMTs, but they carry guns, and I personally find that to be a turnoff.  But that’s just me.  Otherwise, they’re usually in pretty good shape, wear well-pressed uniforms, and are trained to keep me safe.  I love the idea of living with a personal protector and, honestly, any man in well-pressed clothes will catch my attention.  In my opinion, firefighters, EMTs, and police officers are like real-life superheroes, and a lot of girls would love to be their Lois Lane.

The number four super-hot job is professional athlete.  This job is kind of up there with royalty, only you can go to college and do this job.  Actually, sometimes you can even skip college and go straight into it.  It’s kind of like being a movie star but only people who watch sports know you.  I don’t watch sports, so I wouldn’t know a professional athlete unless I saw them on a commercial or box of Wheaties.  I would also add to the number four spot professional dancers because it’s also athletic.  You’re probably not going to be on a box of Wheaties, but I find men who are successful with a talent to be very attractive.

The number five super-hot job is a construction worker.  Their physique is usually lean and beefy, they’re always tan, and, frankly, I’ve always wondered if they can live up to what they say in their catcalls.  Only one way to find out.

Right after rescuing me, I want someone who can rescue my dogs, and so vet is the number six super-hot job.

Last but not least, after someone rescues me and my dogs, I’ll want my work product rescued, and so geek is the number seven super-hot job.  Let me explain the progression to you:  Uses a pocket protector in high school, computer club, invents Windows or Facebook, house in Malibu, retires at 35, travels and donates 75% of his income to charities.  On his days off he can show me how to remove a virus from my computer, back up my files, or save me from a computer crash.  Happily Ever After.