So this is the first place I’m announcing my first e-book Nine Days In Greece!  I’ve never done an e-book before, so I’m pretty excited to learn how the process works.  The book is on Amazon, and it’s only .99 cents, so please check it out and leave a review if you like it!   If nothing else, it’s worth it just to download the photo of the hottie on the cover.  🙂

Here is what it’s about:

Katie, a workaholic attorney, travels alone to the exotic island of Crete for a vacation adventure. On the plane she is seated next to a handsome but much younger Greek man that changes not only her trip but who may be “the one” she has been hoping to meet. Although she instantly feels a spark that she tries to ignore, she is surprised when he seems to be interested in her. Could such an attractive and young man truly fall in love with her? Could he be more than a vacation fling? Follow their journey as they explore their passion across continents.